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Douglas Exploration has been actively working in the seismograph industry since 1974. Our drillers have a combined 123 years of experience working for our company and have expert knowledge of our region and it's varying formations. Our IVI Buggies cant be beat in the Rocky Mountain Region, providing more air and more power than any other buggy or track rig out there. This means higher production rates and less overall cost to our clients!



Rig Specifications:


Width ( with 23.1" x 26" tires)                                            8'4"

Length ( bumper to bumper, with winch)                              24'

Mast rear overall length                                                     3'6"

length (overall)                                                                 27'6"

Height (to top of cab)                                                        9'5"

Wheelbase                                                                        159"

Ground clearance                                                              21"

Approach Angle                                                                 36 Degrees

Departure Angle                                                              33 Degrees



With standard air rotary or hammer drilling, the most efficient design depths range from 100'-300' feet using 10 foot joints of 2 3/8 Mayhew, Jr. pipe and bit sizes up to 5"



16 foot mast is constructed from formed and reinforced steel. Mast lift is provided by two 4" hydraulic cylinders which are identical to and interchangeable with the steering cylinders. Mast lock in upright position provided by steel pins in the mast base. A "C" opening in the mast base facilitates core barrel handling. New Design side-hinge slips are self-closing. The rubber dust reflector is located under the base of the mast. The deflector is removable for water/mud drilling operations and has replaceable rubber wipers.



Dual Hydraulic cylinders provide 13,750 pounds of force. The pulldown force is relayed through two continuous #80 1" pitch roller chains. The two top sprockets are mounted on pillow block bearings in a cross shaft to provide continuous alignment to top drive assembly and dual draw-work cylinders. Vertical trip speed for top drive assembly is 5 seconds normal or 3 seconds when compounded.


Top Drive:

Geco axial piston hydraulic motor is connected to the drill string directly. The manual breakout sleeve is below the top drive motor. Drilling air flows down through a 1 5/8" I.D. hollow shaft in the  Geco motor full rotary torque of 2150 Ft-lbs at 124 RPM. 


Air Compressor:

The LeRoi model 256 SDS B dual stage delivers 580 CFM compressed air at 50 PSI pressure. 380 CFM volume of compressed air at 250PSI on high stage. The two air compressor rotation speeds are selected at the drillers control station. The compressor is mechanically driven off of the main transmission. 2" high pressure hoses are fitted with hammer-on unions and field-replaceable steel fittings. The radiator type intercooler and after-cooler are cooled by high capacity fan driven off of the compressor shaft.


Water injection:

Water injection is provided by a BEAN 2 or 4 cylinder piston pump having variable output of .25 to 20 GPM. The BEAN pump draws from a 80 gallon water tank on the drill rig or from an outside source. 

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